Friday, September 5, 2008

Global Mindset

The economic landscape of the world is changing rapidly. It is becoming increasingly global.

In the world which is going flat, companies need to adjust its mindset into what we call global mindset. Global mindset means high differentiation and high integration in knowledge structure. Global mindset is one that combines an openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures and markets with a propensity and ability to synthesize across this diversity.

The value of a global mindset lies in enabling the company to combine speed with accurate response, and the benefit of global mindset derives from the fact that, while the company has a grasp of and insight into the needs of the local market, it is also able to build cognitive bridges across these needs between these needs and the company’s own global experience and capabilities. The key word of global mindset is cultivation, and the shape of mindset is our interpretations of the world around us.

Then, how an individual or team of managers cultivates self-consciousness regarding their current market? The first approach is to ask managers or teams to articulate their beliefs about the subject domain. Second approach is to conduct a comparative analysis of how different people or companies appear to interpret the same reality.

In other side, companies can cultivate exposure to and increase knowledge of diverse cultures and markets in two ways. First, facilitate such knowledge building at the level of individuals. Second, companies should build diversity in the composition of the people making up the company.

Both approaches are essential for every company, and complement each other. The first focuses on building cognitive diversity inside the mindsets of individuals, and the next focuses on assembling a diverse knowledge base across the organization’s members.


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