Thursday, September 4, 2008

10 Questions to Diagnose Strategic Competence

Through his article entitled “Are you a Strategist or Just Manager?” , Hans H. Hinterhuber and Wolfgang Popp discussed about the importance for executives to go beyond managerial competence toward strategic management competence. He argue that strategic management competence is linked with the personality of successful entrepreneurs and managers.

Strategist can be identified by measuring the vision, the way to suit changing conditions, and generalize the ideas into action and led others to do so. Although there is no test that can precisely evaluate an individual’s strategic management competence, he presented ten-question profiles based on Prussian general’s strategic thinking that are helpful to diagnose/measure strategic competence. Here are the questions:

1. “Do I Have an Entrepreneurial Vision?” This is an important skill to provide an orientation point that guides a company’s movement in specific direction.

2. “Do I Have a Corporate Philosophy?” This question is measurement of ideological creed of both entrepreneurs and managers.

3. “Do I Have Competitive Advantage?” By understanding where does competitive advantage exist, company could get the unique position in the market.

4. “Do My Employees Use Their Ability to Act Freely in The Interest of the Company?” Effective directives combine the strategic intention of top management with the initiative and creativity of all employees.

5. “Have I Built an Organization That Implements My Vision?” Managers must ensure that company’s vision remain in their position.

6. “Are The Line Managers Involved In Strategic Planning?” The key to successful execution of strategy is early involvement of line managers.

7. “Is the Corporate Culture in Harmony with the Strategies?” It is a must that corporate culture, company philosophy, and strategies can be implemented by employees.

8. “Do I Point out Directions and Take New Approaches?” Managers must have performance and entrepreneurial capability in spontaneity, originality, intuition, and personal greatness to become a strategist.

9. “Have I been Lucky in My Life So Far?” The good strategist also needs good luck. They must have an ability to put oneself in position that favors being lucky.

10. “Do I Make Contribution to the Development of Society and Myself?” Managers must make good relationships both inside and outside the company.

So, are you a strategist or just manager?

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