Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Toyota Way: Free Download

Toyota is one of benchmarking companies implementing high quality standards and best management practices.

The toyota way is one of best management books exploring how toyota could become American competitor and make history in management sciences.
Download the toyota way pdf

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Organization Design : Towards Effective Organizations

Designing Organization is crucial phase toward effective organization. It consist of many elements including separation of task into specific job, managing delegation & autonomy, standardize formalization, and other complexity aspect of organization.

The process of Organization design start with developing the business model. It must answer the question about how is the general description about task separation, line of reporting and mechanism, and autonomy level before finalize the organization with talent placement.

Once business model is developed, another step is organization monitoring. It consist of several activities to maintain the life cycle of the organization itself. Like human, organization facing change as nature of life.

To understand Organization Design comprehensively, you can download organization design article.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Download Balanced Scorecards Journal and Articles

We present several resources to help you understand the concept and logic of Balanced Scorecards. Should you need them to enhance your strategic understanding, you may collect it through download to the following links:

1. Balanced Scorecards vs Business Excellence Model

2. An Integrated Methodology for putting BSC into Action

3. The Balanced Scorecards : Measures That Drives Perormance

4. Putting the Balanced Scorecards to work

5. Balanced Scorecards for Public Organization

6. The Balanced Scorecards