Monday, September 8, 2008

Collaborative Advantage

Alliance between companies is a fact of business today. Even it becomes a key corporate asset and gives potential benefit called collaborative advantage. A well developed ability to create and sustain fruitful collaborations gives companies a significant competitive leg up.

There are five phases into alliances for general. First, courtship-two companies meet, are attracted, and discover their compatibility. The second, engagement-hey draw up plans and close the deal. Phase three, the newly partnered companies discover they different ideas about how business should operate. Phase four, the partners devise mechanisms for bridging those differences and develop techniques for getting along. And finally phase five, each company discovers that it has changed internally as a result of its accommodation to the ongoing collaboration.

Building a successful alliance depends on maintaining a careful balance between personal and the institutional. Like a family, alliance gives way to each partner to live together in day-to-day operation include its uncertainty and unanticipated condition. Thus, each partner should adjust its cultural and operational differences, learn about the differences early and take them into account as events unfold. Active collaborations need for bridging organizational and interpersonal differences and achieving real value from the partnership. Management must be sensitive to political, cultural, organizational and human issues.

Several criteria to meet best relationships are: 1. Strong and something value of each partners. 2. Fit major strategic objectives of the partners. 3. Complementary of assets and skills. 4. Invest each other, means tangible signs of long term commitment. 5. Share information each other. 6. Linkages and shared ways of operating so they can work together smoothly. 7. Formal status, clear responsibilities and decision process. 8. The partners behave toward each other in honorable ways that justify and enhance mutual trust.

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