Monday, September 8, 2008

Beyond Greening: Strategies for a sustainable World

The ways companies do their business create great impact on environment. This problems challenge every player on business to develop a sustainable global economy: an economy that the planet is capable of supporting indefinitely. Strict government regulations are issued, and more and more companies are “going green” as they realize that they can reduce pollution and increase profits simultaneously.

There are three stages of environmental strategy that guide companies into sustainability:

a. Pollution prevention. This first step is to make the shift from pollution control to pollution prevention. Pollution control means cleaning up waste after it has been created. Pollution prevention focuses on minimizing or eliminating waste before it is created.

b. Product stewardship. Product stewardship focuses on minimizing not only pollution from manufacturing but also all environmental impacts associated with the full life cycle of a product. In this stage, companies need to examine all the effect that a product could have on the environment, includes full assessment of all inputs to the product and how customers use and dispose of it.

c. Clean technology. The next stage is plan for and invests technology that is environmentally sustainable.

Overall strategies for sustainable environment needs clear framework to give direction to those activities. Thus, companies need to create a vision of a sustainability showing the way products and services must evolve and what new competencies will be needed to get there. Moreover, companies’ clear and fully integrated environmental strategies should also shape the companies’ relationship to customers, suppliers, other companies, policymakers, and all its stakeholders.

Companies must educate customers to prefer products and services that are consistent with sustainability, not just to market its product. The reason is the responsibility for ensuring a sustainable world falls largely on the shoulders of world’s enterprise, public policy, and individual consumption patterns by consumer. Corporations then can and should lead the way to helping to shape public policy maker and driving changes in consumers’ behavior.

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environmental awareness training said...

Companies and institutions are indeed going green but I don't think that most of them are doing it actually for the environment, I think most of them are doing it to save money on their operations. But, either way, it's still a good thing that a lot of businesses are going green.