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Human Resource Outsourcing & Benefit

Need the logic information about HR Outsourcing? View the article and research outsourcing research and statistics and read the short explanation below.

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Outsourcing is becoming important in today's business. Outsourcing will help the organization as the certain part of the work is delegated to an external service provider. He will be responsible for looking after day-to-day activities of the work delegated to him. It would be better if the organization communicates with the service provider on a regular basis. The organization should outsource the work for a longer period so that they can maintain a good business relationship with the service provider which will benefit the customers. Outsourcing can be done for marketing, web design & maintenance, manufacturing, recruitment, logistics, distribution, editing. Outsourcing can be done when the process becomes difficult to manage or when the employees do not have the necessary skills.

Outsourcing is done to help the organization to reduce costs, so that they can concentrate on their main activities. It will help the organization to save time and the resources can be used for other important activities. The service provider has to finish the project on time. Credibility and efficiency of the service provider is known if he meets the project deadline. The service provider provides better service quality. The organization does not have to worry about introducing new technologies. The pros through outsourcing are it has reduced costs, tax advantages, removing of personnel problems, expert resources and staffing. It can control operating costs. It increases customer satisfaction. It reduces the overall management burden while retaining control of strategic decision making. It spreads the risk. Provides value added services.

Outsourcing the recruitment process will reduce the recruitment costs up to 20 %. Outsourcing recruitment has 4 major advantages like cost reduction, results, focused management effort and optimal resource utilization. Outsourcing is beneficial to corporate organizations and consultancies. They are inter-related to each other because the corporate organizations use the outsourcing services and the consultancies provide service to the corporates.

There are basically two types of HR Firms. One is professional employer organization (PEO) and Hybrid HR firm. Professional employer organization is for those companies who are contended with handing over the whole HR functions to a 3rd party organization. But if there is a problem in handing out the HR functions to someone else then you may opt for the Hybrid. To choose an employee for an organization the consultant will do certain things like it will define the requirements, advertise, attract the applicants, selecting the applications, interviewing, assessing, conducting tests, reference check and then short listing the applicants.

The organization has to choose whether it is interested in taking up a human resources outsourcing (HRO) provider or a professional employer organization (PEO). HRO provides the specific HR function and PEO provides services like the workers compensation, payroll etc. For smaller concerns a PEO can be beneficial as it can control HR costs such as workers compensation insurance, group health benefits and payroll processing. For larger concerns the HROs work better because they save more money in outsourcing certain specific areas like administration, application management, HR information systems. If only certain functions are outsourced then HRO is the best solution but for a full service solution, PEO will be better.

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