Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Guide to Performance Management

Improve your performance management system and you'll soon see an increase in productivity, streamlined procedures, increased accountability and more commitment from your employees.

One of the most important aspects of great management is to build a good relationship with your employees, be as honest as you can with your staff, if they feel they can talk to you openly and trust you then it's more likely you'll be told about any issues or problems in plenty of time to do something about it. Staff will feel comfortable about providing information and respect your decisions.

Staff morale and motivation is paramount, if you see someone working extra hard or achieving consistently good results then let them know you have noticed and congratulate them on their success. A pat on the back can work wonders to employees' sense of worth and motivation.

You need to have an effective performance management system in place to really make it successful. It doesn't have to be anything too complicated but it is a process that will only work if it is organized and regularly carried out. Keep it nice and simple and your staff will appreciate the chance to be honest about the way they feel at work, and take any changes or moves much more readily. Overload them with complicated forms and multiple paperwork and you will only get grumbles. It can be effective whist still being friendly and informal.

Performance management is all about building up trusting relationships and motivating your staff. Focus on their strengths and positive aspects and don't spend too much time pointing out weaker issues, this will only lead to employees resenting or dreading these discussions and becoming disheartened and demotivated. Also try and keep any disciplinary issues separate.

Remember that this isn't only about what employees can give you, you also have to ensure they are happy in their current role, identify any issues that may be troubling them and consider any further training or qualifications that will benefit and raise their self esteem. This will strengthen the working relationship and ensure your staff feel loyal to the company.

Performance management reviews help employees have a better understanding of what is expected from them in terms of work load and performance. There are a lot of issues at work that are caused by misunderstanding or lack of communication, an effective performance management program can minimize these misunderstandings and enable things to run more smoothly.

They provide the perfect opportunity for your employees to bring up any problems or questions they have and haven't had the confidence to raise earlier. It can also be a time when employees ask about further training or qualifications they might be interested in, or other aspects they may feel could improve their performance.

Once the review is complete then do an evaluation of the review itself. Every company is different in the way it operates so structure your review to suit your company culture and style. Could the review have gone more smoothly? Can you identify anything that could have been done differently? There is always room for improvement and a positive performance will benefit both you and your employees.

A performance review is not only about the past year, it should also plan for the next and an effective review will make it clear to your employee how they fit into the team and contribute to the company. Recognizing achievements and giving them a pat on the back when it's due will encourage a good working relationship and ensure your staff are motivated and happy.

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